Flowering by Misook KIM - 3D virtual exhibition by HONGLEE CURATOR

Flowering by Misook KIM

Mon, 05/10/2021 to Tue, 05/25/2021

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The work of Misook Kim is a composition of basic elements of art (points, lines, faces, shapes and colors). The point is at the origin of any form and the symbol of life. It is the first detail that the eye perceives and extends to the universe.

Its production depicts human psychology by appropriating the peculiarities of the objects of everyday life and the staging of a naked woman in a flower. On the other hand, this flower illustrates the aspiration of?
Misook Kim evokes the theme of flowers by reverie by reinterpreting nature through the composition of different colors.

The artist's technique is to erase the colors of the flowers and use the transparent paint to create a synergy between life and nature.
Subsequently, this void filled by the application of bright and monotonous colors promotes the therapeutic benefits on the viewer.

The energy that these colors emerge is such a balm for the body inviting us to momentarily forget the weight of everyday life and to carry out an introspection.
Misook Kim believes in the virtues of Art Therapy. The harmony between man and nature would be a way of finding inner serenity.

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