Dissecting Space - 3D virtual exhibition by Emily Pellechia

Dissecting Space

Sun, 05/02/2021 to Thu, 09/02/2021

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I have always been fascinated by the abstract forms presented in nature. I draw inspiration from forms ranging from microscopic cells in the human body, to the naturally occurring bioluminescence created by algae in the ocean. I explore the transformation from organic material references, into a digital image and then back into a physical painting. I create colorful, large-scale paintings where I imagine how all of these different environments would come together and interact with one another. The forms come together in my head, and I begin to envision new landscapes where these forms can live together. I can visualize how a cluster of berries would interact with hot magma, or how a cavern could be formed with tree roots.
Zooming into the natural world and dissecting these elements in an abstract way allows me to better understand the similarities present across all of these organisms, and as a result I feel a stronger connection to them. On a microscopic level, the differences fade and the forms are abstracted beyond recognition. I investigate the parallels and contrasts between elements of the physical world, and what happens when an image of a complex organism is flattened and then translated into a painting. Painting allows me to express these ideas quickly, and creates many possibilities for new and vibrant spaces to take shape. I find comfort in deconstructing these forms and acknowledging the similarities that exist across all landscapes and organisms, and creating new worlds within my paintings with that in mind.

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