Together: SMC Virtual Exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by SMC Studio Art

Together: SMC Virtual Exhibition

This year we’ve discovered new ways of being together as we’ve faced the effects of being apart. The works in this virtual gallery reflect on this tension, as they simultaneously continue to celebrate life, youth, nature and culture. Our exhibiting student artists have filled these gallery walls with a diverse array of humor, adventure, beauty, and social commentary. They have expressed the loneliness of isolation, asked big questions about love and injustice, documented the vastness of the landscape, and captured the renewal of springtime. They’ve created homages to influential artists and actors, breathed life into their favorite characters and animals, and rendered their own self-portraits in sacred space. Rich in material and subject matter, these works build a story about the many ways we’ve moved through an unfamiliar year. Together, they create a powerful mosaic, giving a narrative to this virtual space.

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