Shaping the Figural Gaze - 3D virtual exhibition by Jessica Ban & Helen Pinto

Shaping the Figural Gaze

Sat, 05/01/2021 to Sun, 08/01/2021

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Shaping the Figural Gaze is an exhibition by Jessica Ban and Helen Pinto dedicated to platforming art of and by marginalized bodies. Just within the United States, 85% of artists shown are white, 87% are men. Worldwide, only 14% of museum and gallery art (both past and present) is by those identifying as women. As for art by those on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, no studies have been done to date to show the exact disparities. The goal of STFG is to bring to light the inequality of the art world, by calling attention to bodies that have been deemed unconventional.

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