Maciej Cieśla: Fantastic Relevance - 3D virtual exhibition by Gallery 44

Maciej Cieśla: Fantastic Relevance

Thu, 04/15/2021 to Mon, 05/31/2021

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Cambridge Dictionary explains the word “fantastic” as “very good”, “very large”, and “imaginary”. All of these adjectives are applicable to Maciej Cieśla’s artwork. His style combines neo-fauvism, abstract geometric forms, and symbolism. Achieving a striking artistic signature marked by strong colors, confident brush strokes and intriguing subjects.

“Fantastic Relevance” showcases a unique selection of the artist’s more recent work, corresponding to Cieśla’s definition of expression and artistic honesty. According to the artist “Art is the unique connection between artist and viewer.” We could not have said it better ourselves.

Enjoy Maciej Cieśla: Fantastic Relevance!

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