You, MAC, & Me Against the Art World - 3D virtual exhibition by The Urban Monk aka Cmdr. Black Ice

You, MAC, & Me Against the Art World

This is an evolving series based on the iconic alien MAC (Mysterious Alien Creature) from the 1988 film "MAC & Me"
"You, MAC, & Me against the Art World" is a study of portraiture work embracing the growing phenomenon of celebrity whoreship in art and infusing MAC into the celebrity often times if NOT all of the time creating a pun based off of the celebrity's namesake. Conceptually mocking the world's obsession with fame , power, and the unrealistic idolship given to humans who recieve massive amounts of public attention.
The portrait techniques are multi-layered, intricate stencils sometimes exceding ten layers and more with spray paint. Then the pieces are hand painted with details such as line work or accents. Some portraits are done in editions of 13 with the numbered edition incorporated into the piece. (numbers 2-12 are available for purchase as all the number one's are to remain for an closing exhibition in 2023. All the number 13's will remain in The Urban Monk's personal collection cause he loves MAC ALOT!)
The surfaces of each portrait vary depending on the subject matter and theme of each celebrity.
The goal of this series is to create 100 celebrity portraits with editions of 13 in each portrait with varying colors and each piece varies slightly or enormously. When the exhibition is complete there will be over 1300 portraits of MAC. This will be the most ambitious & largest collection of contemporary alien portrait work by one artist on the planet.
The only way this exhibition would be possible is through the capabilities of Virtual Reality. As some of these pieces have already sold and been shipped around the world there can be no physical exhibition containing all of the works. This will be the only exhibition of "MAC & Me against the Art World" in the known universe.
The Urban Monk has adopted the moniker, Commander Black Ice of Super Duper Space Force, Div. Art, Science, & Satire for this series which is expected completion date will be around the summer of 2023.
As a special treat I will occasionally offer unique themed pieces in "The Auction House" as is such the case for Halloween. The pieces available for auction will have a link provided in the piece description. click on the link and it will take you directly to the cooresponding Ebay auction for that piece.

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