Of Art and Her Stories - 3D virtual exhibition by Altro Mondo

Of Art and Her Stories

Sat, 03/20/2021 to Sun, 04/11/2021

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Art. Story. Her story. It is where women and their art forms meld in wonderful visual harmony to tell each of their unique stories through their creations.
In these current times, gone are the days that art is predominantly male because the female psyche has been emerging tremendously. Women are equally prolific, and in some cases, even more than men.
But truth be told, art is and should never be about gender. It is all about the musings that translate cerebral abstracts from nothingness to magnificent works of visual arts.

In the case of “Of Art and Her Story”, one will genuinely feel the emotions coming out of each stroke, each sheen, each scratch of the featured art pieces. And maybe, just wonderfully maybe, understand the creative processes that consumed all our female artists during their moments of creation. From mixed media, sculptures and even wearable art, “Of Art and Her Story” will give you more than just stories to tell.

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