REWRITE REALITY - 3D virtual exhibition by Independent Image Art Space


Sat, 03/20/2021 to Sat, 04/17/2021

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Our lives are being rewritten almost every day. All kinds of inventions, new technologies are rapidly produced on a daily basis and are continuously applied to human life. It is even more obvious now when the pandemic continues to spread. As many people have to stay at home, virtual experiences such as online shopping, online chatting, and video conferencing become a major life trend quickly, giving resolutions to people's problems. The vaccination that people call for is becoming a reality in 2021, bringing hope to overcome the disease. Can the rewriting of these lifestyles make human beings happier? How does our mind adapt to the life that is constantly being rewritten? Faced with the continually changing world, will the expectations for the future be rewritten accordingly? Under the expectation-satisfaction cycle, can human beings be truly satisfied, or just live as an insatiable desire machine?
Artists: Acquaetta Williams, Buoyi Sun, Low Winter Sun, Donna Garcia, Kate Brogdon, Liyu Xue, Maggie Xin Wen, Masaharu Imamiya, Rebekah Okpoti, Sophia Muller, Stefan Zausinger, Syl Arena, Trevor Coopersmith, Victor Cuzmenco, Zahava Sherez

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