Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice presents Survivors Speak: A Photo Journal - 3D virtual exhibition by Saddi Khali

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice presents Survivors Speak: A Photo Journal

Thu, 04/15/2021 to Fri, 12/31/2021

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Do our current public safety priorities protect survivors of violent crime?

Despite the billions of dollars spent each year on our criminal justice system, many crime survivors don’t see their needs or interests reflected in public safety policy.

Survivors from neighborhoods most harmed by crime and violence - Black survivors, LatinX survivors and those from other underserved communities - have not only been disproportionately impacted but left out of traditional victim narratives.

Where our criminal justice system has failed to bring healing and hope to the people and communities most harmed, though, many are stepping forward to create it themselves.

Through the Survivors Speak photo journal, survivors of violent crime from across the country have shared their stories and their own visions for public safety.


A project by Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice
Photography and interviews by world-renowned artist and activist Saddi Khali. In partnership with the Art for Justice Fund. Project support and storytelling content compiled by Annie Whalen. Project support and gallery curation by Brittanie Dial. Special thanks to Lenore Anderson, Robert Rooks, Shakyra Diaz, Aswad Thomas, Mandela Jones, Kristina Villarini, Eris Eady, Ida Sefer, the entire Alliance for Safety and Justice family and every survivor leader across the country one who participated in this project.

When #SurvivorsSpeak, Change Happens

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