Love in the time of Corona - 3D virtual exhibition by Miguel Amortegui

Love in the time of Corona

Sat, 03/06/2021 to Sat, 03/12/2022

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The UK-based, Colombian artist Miguel Amortegui presents his Exhibition " Love in the Time of Corona."

Using vibrant colours and intense brush strokes, Miguel paints the humanity and hope of the marginalised and misunderstood, and, in his own words, “…the complexity of us humans and our lives — our feelings, our traumas, passions, sadness, hopes, and constant search for love and happiness. — filling each stroke with all the colours these feelings have to offer.”

This exhibition is inspired in Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Master piece "Love in the time of Cholera" portraying amongst many characters the eternal struggles of Florentino and Fermina.

The work on this exhibition is accompanied by literature from different Latin American poets as Mario Benedetti, Pablo Neruda, Jaime Sabines, Eduardo Galeano, Oliverio Girondo y Miguel Amortegui.

Amortegui’s work has previously appeared at St. Ann’s Warehouse indoors — and in a different medium: the theater presented photographs from his book Voices of The Jungle in a group exhibition that accompanied the Good Chance/Young Vic/National Theatre/St. Ann’s Warehouse production of The Jungle.

About Miguel Amortegui

Miguel Angel Amortegui is an international photographer, artist, writer and visual story teller, based in the UK.

Throughout his 20 year career he has continued to strive to give the unrepresented, the marginalised and the misunderstood a voice and a place in our society with his photojournalist work and his paintings.

Originally from Colombia, Miguel has worked with communities across the world using photography and film as a tool to drive awareness and social change.

He has worked with communities affected by war, poverty and sexual violence; with child soldiers, gang members, orphans and refugees across South America, Europe and Africa.

He is the author of the book “Voices of the Jungle”, a book that documents the time he spent working in a refugee camp infamously know as The Jungle in Calais, northern France.

As with all his projects, his painting focuses on the humanity and the hope of the people that have been isolated or ignored. Creating advocacy and giving a wider exposure to the issues that surround them.

The aim of his work is to capture human emotions in different states by creating intense scenarios, using expressive brush strokes and intense colours. His work carefully choses to reflect part of his personal life journey, his emotions and his experiences. His work is usually an alternative to the reality that he confronts as a photojournalist and as a human being. Always within his work prevails an overwhelming sense of sensitivity and nostalgia that transports the viewer into their own personal experiences.

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