Le Jeu des Possibles - 3D virtual exhibition by ArtCan Gallery

Le Jeu des Possibles

Sat, 03/13/2021 to Thu, 04/15/2021

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The painting of Mickaël Doucet is a contemporary painting by its subject but also by what it proposes in the
continuity of traditional painting. Contemplative in its approach, it remains nevertheless structured in a classical way, by the play of spatial and architectural compositions but also by the infinite possibilities of the placement of narrative elements.
This play of possibilities makes Mickaël Doucet’s painting highly creative and readable, with several levels of reading like a literary work, a literature that is itself dear to the painter.
Indeed, the artist invites the spectator, thanks to numerous artistic orientations in the same painting, to a journey, a journey that includes multiple sensory directions. Whether pictorial, philosophical or metaphysical, these paths lead the reader towards pleasant feelings, which sometimes verge on soft melancholy or nostalgia for an idealized past ... this other space that he creates as a heterotopia, a concept created by Michel Foucault (1967 conference entitled "Other spaces") becomes a theater stage where a plurality of possibilities leading to reflection or even meditation are played out in this composition ...
It is an invitation to travel, through its windows open to the world, through its play of colors composed through objects, flat areas or plants where each work allows a different narrative ...
To enter into Mickaël Doucet’s painting is to immerse oneself in the history of art, in color, in literature, in the reconsideration of our cultural heritage (the references to the founding and disappeared civilizations) but perhaps, above all, to meet oneself...

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