Feelings. Sebastian Rzepa - 3D virtual exhibition by Les Nouveaux Riches

Feelings. Sebastian Rzepa

Sun, 02/21/2021 to Sun, 04/04/2021

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While Sebastian Rzepa listens to the sounds of music, the artist gives free rein to his mind and creates works that reflect not only the affairs of today's society but also his own deep feelings and emotions. This artistic freedom can also be found in the works of Sebastian Rzepa. With this online exhibition, we want to present you with a selection of his paintings and guide you through the emotional world of the artist.

Sebastian Rzepa is a young artist from Vienna. His grandfather sparked his interest in art. When Rzepa finished his first painting, he thought to himself in Viennese slang "leiwand" (‘nice’). After that, he started to paint more often and developed his own style. His room turned more and more into his studio and is now his workplace. Sebastian Rzepa works mainly with acrylic paints and oil pastels on canvas. He is represented by Kunst ab Hinterhof and his works are available in the online store.

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