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Shin, Je Nam Solo Exhibition

Sun, 04/04/2021 to Sun, 04/11/2021

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- 신제남 작가 프로필 -

•중앙대학교 예술대학 회화과 / 경희대학교 대학원 미술과 졸업

•개인전 55회

•단체전 1,400여회

•주요 작품소장처
독립기념관 , 백범 기념관, 성옥기념관, 서울시립미술관, 워커힐미술관, 전북도립미술관, 제주도립미술관, 양평군립미술관. 덕원미술관, 북경지고미술관, 울산 현대 예술관, 해군 본부, 해군 사관학교, 상명대학 박물관, 김달진 미술자료박물관, 안산문화예술의 전당, 국립현대미술관 미술은행. 송은문화재단, 송파구청, 송파문화원, 철의삼각전적관, 철원군청. 철원문화원, 국립청송사과박물관, 헝가리 주재 한국대사관, 네덜란드 주재 한국대사관, 이탈리아 주재 한국대사관, 스페인 주재 한국대사관,  동양이화사옥,  영동기능식품사옥,  서울프로폴리스사옥, 알파문구사옥
• 現在
사단법인 한국전업미술가협회 자문위원장. 한국미술협회 상임자문위원  
 선과색  고문.  송파 미술가협회 고문. 청람회 회장. 

• Human Body, the Sign of Sensualism and Desire

Kim, Young Ho (Professor of Chungang Univ. Art Critic)

Shin, Je Nam's human body aesthetics has two phases. One of them is Platon's view that takes the soul apart from the body and defined the body as a jail of soul. The other one is Aristotle's which asserted that body's beauty is extracted from soul's beauty. These double interpretations are well melt in his paintings :Putting a mess on the body regarding it as the origin of evil, valuing high the body as the container of beautiful soul from Aristotle's aesthetic point of view. His pale silver bodies are dedicated to the transcendental beauty by applying the style of 'Aesthetics of Idea and Symmetry'. And there hide sensualism, senses and destructive trap which we can't find in the academic aesthetics.

Shin's Nude is complex like a plot of novel presenting lots of materials. For example, recent fighter's metallicity awakes speed and dynamism, furthermore the lingeries and high hills are the metaphors of modern women's sex appeal. In 'Dual Images of Madonna' the star reflects his mental state looking at popular culture and routine daily life. Elsewhere the images of china, moon, perfume and tobaccos are playing the supporting roles on the human body aesthetics stage helping the artist. Porcelains and flowers expands the meaning of womb to the collection inclination. Recently those complicity was simplified on the big screen forecasting the changes.

For the last, I would rather point out his surrealistic language in his human body aesthetics. That language leads you into symbol and metaphor which have critical meanings. I feel that he should take it a good task, making it as his own artistic grammar. On the surrealistic hill, his bodies ask questions to the audience. In the modern society, is the body a jail which confines soul as Platon said? or vice versa as Foucault said. As surrealist dreamed the nostalgia on the horizon of reality, the bodies in Shin, Je Nam's paintings are coming true ontological meaning of modern people beyond the biological meaning and you are witnessing him create neo-culture and history right here. April of 2008

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