Richard Tuschman – My Childhood Reassembled - 3D virtual exhibition by KLOMPCHING GALLERY

Richard Tuschman – My Childhood Reassembled

Thu, 02/18/2021 to Thu, 05/13/2021

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Four years in the making, 'My Childhood Reassembled' explores the artist’s childhood in the American suburban Midwest of the early 1960s. Following on from his previous successful projects, Hopper Meditations and Once Upon A Time Kazimierz, Tuschman continues to develop a strong visual oeuvre—working with a combination of miniature dioramas and digital collaging of live models—in the staging of complex narratives.

Here, the artist has invoked, what he describes as the “stubbornly esthetically mute” interiors of the family home of his formative years; a nondescript red-brick two-family home built in 1955. This is contrasted with the expert use of highly expressive lighting, and performative expressions and body language of the ‘family stand-ins’, to convey the range of moods embedded in the artist’s memories of times past.

“… When I think of the heavily varnished, badly nicked, inexpensive hollow-core bedroom doors I remember the complicated, mixed feelings I harbored towards my siblings, who were alternately my best friends and arch-rivals. When I think of the kitchen linoleum floor, I remember wondering, with a mix of anxiety and curiosity, about the mysteries of my parents’ marriage, trying to make sense of their hushed tones as they spoke quietly in that room when my father came home from work late at night”.—Richard Tuschman.

This highly-anticipated series, is now available for acquisition.

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28 Jan 2021 to 13 May 2021

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