Sea Inside 2020 Exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by AnamorphosisArt

Sea Inside 2020 Exhibition

Anamorphosis Art is pleased to present “Sea Inside;” an oceanic virtual art exhibition, featuring the collaborative work of Ania Amador & Christopher Morphis. The majority of the paintings on display were created live on stage with world renowned bands and at major music festivals.

Throughout their travels, Ania and Chris have had a deep connection with the ocean, presented in a variety of ways throughout their work. They hope to remind viewers of the importance of these ecosystems and encourage everyone to do their part to preserve and protect our waters.

From 2013-2020, Ania and Chris have painted hundreds of paintings which will be featured throughout 2021 in a series of virtual art exhibitions. Their goal is to raise the funds to create a hard copy book, documenting their travels, and the massive body of work that has been created in a live setting with the intention to spread a positive message. You can support the Anamorphosis Art Book by purchasing original paintings and a variety of merchandise from the gift shop.

Thank you for making this journey possible. Enjoy the show!

Exhibition Curation by: Serenity Meg

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