Moon Screen - 3D virtual exhibition by Altro Mondo

Moon Screen

Sat, 01/16/2021 to Sun, 02/14/2021

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Every new year brings with it an opportunity for healing. As we bid farewell to the difficult year that was, we usher in the hope of renewal and recuperation. “Moonscreen” is a term used in a contemporary context to signify protection when leaving behind a dark chapter of life.

Grasha Non draws inspiration from fairy tales and folklore, creating vibrant images that reveal the persistence of an intangible dimension and inspire in its audience a sense of wonder and naiveté.
Gab Ferrer’s “Neurotic Spiritual” series consists of a series of drawings produced during community quarantine. The scarcity of art supplies and limited mobility complicated the artist’s process, forcing her to resort to basic materials to produce these works. Her drawings depart from Jung’s definition of neurotic tendencies resulting from “one-sidedness-holding,” a fixed, rigid, and “sometimes-extreme” perspective about yourself, the world, and life.

Denver Garza’s works use cosmology and the medieval practice of alchemy as a form of reference. He places an emphasis on iconographies where dragons and serpents represent general themes.

Julieanne Ng’s “Being on Trance” is an installation work made from discarded plastic size markers used for clothes hangers. These objects were recovered from Ng’s family’s plastic factory and repurposed to create the artist’s version of a Mandala.

The works in this exhibition are instruments of well-being. In order to face the unbearable, the artists ponder about the cosmos, the imagined realities, and the spiritual world in order to find their way back to a place of control, calm, and peace.

- Gwen Bautista, Curator

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