SCRATCHING THE SURFACE - 3D virtual exhibition by Breezy Art


This interview started with the intention and the distinct pleasure of sharing thoughts with the artist Travis LeRoy Southworth and letting him take me through the path of his art and life.

I entered the universe of Travis a few years ago, when I found myself lost in a “perfect” world existing in imperfection. Working by day as an image correction specialist in the beauty industry and spending hours removing moles and imperfections, the artist chooses to keep the pixels of what the social conventions of appearance refuse and hide. He doesn’t throw away what society is somehow unhappy to see, instead he keeps all these “flaws” and he integrates them into his work, creating new portraits and opening up discussions of image manipulation, computerized labor and self-perception. For the past seventeen years, he has dedicated his life to visualizing the unseen. And today, for an ironic twist of fate, his personal life and his artistic practice walk closer than ever before.

This interview didn’t take place in just a few hours nor one day; it was a “route” that the artist and I traced together while waiting to see what the next step of the discussion would be. Hopefully you will read through it and you will take part in the journey.

- Eleonora Brizi -

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