SUSAN SOMMER: Plein Air Abstraction - 3D virtual exhibition by Katharine T. Carter & Associates

SUSAN SOMMER: Plein Air Abstraction

Sat, 01/30/2021 to Sun, 10/31/2021

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Susan Sommer has a distinct view of the rhythms of nature. Working in one of the more rustic areas of Upstate New York, she sees the changing seasons and accompanying movements of indigenous species as a constant reminder that nature is the ultimate bringer of stability and change. Instead of making accurate representations, Sommer sees these fascinating facilities as a jumping-off point to dig deep into the shadows and light. Each and every part of our natural environment can be broken down into a symbiotic network of plants, animals, and climate, but how does one express that with pure light and color. Sommer achieves this elusive outcome with cousin shapes, complementary hues, and cohesive compositions that relay holistic harmony to its host of inhabitants.

- D. Dominick Lombardi

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