Abstract Reality - 3D virtual exhibtion by Paula Rindborg

Abstract Reality

Thu, 03/19/2020 to Tue, 04/21/2020

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Welcome to Paula Rindborg's first virtual exhibition.
The Abstract Reality exhibition shows up in a difficult time globally, when people need to isolate themselves in order to solve the problem. The virtual world has never been more necessary than now, because it is what connects, informs, entertains us, and art within this digital universe can help us to feel a little better.
Paula Rindborg's art has had as main objective to awaken the observer's joy and well-being. Even in the midst of an intense technique, with a lot of movement, texture, detail and color, the result is almost always harmonious, whether treating simpler or more complex themes. This exhibition features paintings produced in the last eight years, some already sold, others still available, with different motifs, but with emphasis on flowers, which has been the main theme in Paula's art in recent years.
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