Imaginings: Massoud Ahmed - 3D virtual exhibition by 2050Community

Imaginings: Massoud Ahmed

"Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light." ~Jalal al-Din al-Rumi

2050Community's ELEVATE Gallery is excited to present the first virtual international show of Syrian painter Massoud Ahmed.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Massoud Ahmed, originally from Al Hasakiyah, Syria now lives in one of the refugee camps in the Kurdistan region. His journey through loss and deprivation is reflected in his work, which was a vehicle he used to express this complex human experience. Many of his initial peices were destroyed by the journey and weather during the first years. Yet, Massoud has continued to find ways and means to paint.

"I discovered my talent in the drawing when I was a child. I have been drawing on school benches and on the walls. One day I drew a drawing on the wall of our house in Syria, everyone liked it, they did not believe that I was the one who drew it! After seeing their admiration, I dreamed of becoming a painter one day.

I graduated and entered the College of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, in Damascus/Syria. I successfully completed the first year, and in the second year the civil war began in Syria, I left my studies and took refuge in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq.

In the camp, I practiced my hobby despite my difficult situation, and I used to teach children how to draw for free. One day, I couldn't buy papers, so I cut a piece of cloth from the tent in which I was living, to draw a painting on it. I worked as a volunteer with an organization in the camp in teaching children and young people how to draw, and then they gave me a small income. I was also working in different jobs to make living for my family.

In 2016 I enrolled in the College of Fine Arts, department of Painting, in Erbil-Iraq, and I surpassed most of my colleagues. In 2020 I graduated second in my class, and third in the college. Now, I aspire to study masters at a reputable university in a developed country if given the opportunity."

ALL WORKS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE AS PRINTS. Please contact: for inquiries on procurements.

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