Everything Flows by Lou Zhenggang - 3D virtual exhibition by Gallery Nyoze

Everything Flows by Lou Zhenggang

Mon, 12/21/2020 to Sun, 05/30/2021

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"Everything Flows" features works by the contemporary artist Lou Zhenggang (b. 1966, Heilongjiang, China). The exhibition title is inspired by Heraclitus’ philosophical idea “Τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ” (ta panta ri) which means that everything is in a continuous flow and movement. This idea is equally reflected in the Eastern philosophy of continuous change and transformation as a way towards self-evolution.

The different expressions of the Ocean through a play of colour, depth and light are metaphoric expressions of human emotions. They portray the transitory nature of existence between joy, melancholy, and the headiness of contemporary life. At times turbulent and wild and at other times, peaceful and static, the Ocean is in a continuous transformation, just like human emotions.

The paintings presented depict the personal reality of Lou Zhenggang for self-discovery and evolution, who oscillates between free expression and discipline. Through abstract forms and dynamic brushstrokes, the artist expresses distinctly individual views on the ephemeral, the subjective nature of reality and the impermanence of things. At the same time, the artist celebrates the Ocean’s rich universality and wisdom accumulated through thousands of years of existence.

"Everything Flows" is an invitation to an aesthetic experience of seeing, which allows an escape from the strict limits of the conscious mind, towards new paths of imagination and inner wisdom.

Exhibition curated by Riana Raouna.

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