Onno Dröge - Carved Feelings III - 3D virtual exhibtion by Galerie Ludwig Trossaert

Onno Dröge - Carved Feelings III

Sun, 03/01/2020 to Tue, 03/31/2020

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Woodsculptures on panel & ceramic The art of Onno Dröge is an ode to femininity. In his work, the admiration for women is reflected. There is no lack of the erotic. Lust, love and desire are his main themes.

Natural materials: Through a combination of materials, forms, colours and background, Onno creates a heavenly sphere. He hopes everyone who admires his art experiences some of this feeling. On the surface of his ceramic works, you must be able to feel the chamotte (little stones). For the artist, this is a way to connect with his beloved raw earth or rocks. To his woodsculptures applies that the wood should remain visible to behold its natural appearance.

Forms: The objects are usually geometric, and have female forms. The combination of those female forms and natural materials makes the abstract sculptures look fleshy.

Colours: The colours that are used hold a supernatural significance for the artist. Think of the beautiful colours of flowers and trees, sea, water, clouds, sky, sun and animals. Colours have a great impact on mankind and are able to give you a divine feeling.

Applications: In the ceramic works, the artist also makes use of glass that melts during the ceramic firing process, giving it a smooth surface. This smooth surface contrasts sharply with the rough earthly structure of the ceramic and represents the soft water.

New work: Onno’s most recent work exists of wood sculptures that are all combined with a painted panel. The sculpture seems to stand apart from the panel, which serves as decor. Because of this, the sculpture seems to hover. The shadow of the dynamic sculptures that falls on the panel represents the attendance of the spirit. During the process of making, the artist gets his inspiration through the endless search for the fate of mankind, the here and now, new values and the meaning of the big why.

The Rising sun (2000) This work represents the ultimate feeling of warmth and the light that the sun gives us. The curves and the ceramic surface again represent the feminine.

Onno found inspiration for his ceramic work (1992-2001) travelling around the Mediterranean area. Especially Petra, an old ruin city in Jordan that is situated in a ravine surrounded by rocks south of the Dead Sea. Here, Onno was enchanted by the ancient culture, which shows in his ceramic works. In his sculptures, he wants to express both something original and something modern

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