Liquid Binary - 3D virtual exhibtion by latent.dream

Liquid Binary

latent.dream is the moniker of Australian creative, Ryan Bullivant, who manifests visual experiences via an experimental process that blends traditional techniques with new media methodologies, resulting in a unique hybrid aesthetic.
“I use various liquid pour techniques as a starting point, then I’ll photograph the results of these pours and process them using a range of digital apps, custom scripts and utilities, many of which allow me to ‘glitch’ (the result of intentionally pushing a computer beyond its limits or manipulating raw data in a way as to induce corruption) the resulting image data to produce novel outcomes. 
This process allows me to distil an otherwise impermanent moment from within the pour and then extend and preserve that moment digitally.  As a result, the artwork itself has no tangible form and therefore the digitally extended representation of that moment truly is unique in the sense that the moment itself was not recorded on a physical medium and can never be intentionally replicated due to the nature of the pour and the inherent randomness in the process of ‘glitching’ data.
Essentially, I am exploring the notion of controlled chaos in both forms of media and aiming to marry them in an aesthetically appropriate way.”

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