A Light I Knew Well- Karlena Fletcher - 3D virtual exhibition by Unbound Visual Arts

A Light I Knew Well- Karlena Fletcher

Tue, 01/19/2021 to Wed, 03/31/2021

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"I dedicate this exhibition to my late ‘Granny Tia,’ who carried a fondness for sentiment that to this day remains unmatched. Losing her instilled in me a longing to preserve what is beautiful, only to later realize that life gives beauty in mundane places and grants meaning in the subtlest ways.

This exhibition is the culmination of two years of closely observing my surroundings in hopes of capturing patterns of light I encounter in my present or remember vividly from my past. Each work of art operates as a visual poem that narrates this act of appreciating and preserving my many homes."

Karlena Fletcher is a current BFA candidate at Boston University and has recently completed an internship with Unbound Visual Arts. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas and raised all over the world, Karlena considers her experiences in other cultures and countries to be a critical influence in her artistic practice.

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