I, the others, and outside - 3D virtual exhibition by HONGLEE CURATOR

I, the others, and outside

Tue, 12/01/2020 to Mon, 12/21/2020

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Bringing the figure of the artist back at the center of the exhibition and his solitary process of creation: this is what the exhibition’s theme
is all about: “I, the others, and outside”. How does the artist reflect on the others as an external group to self, and to the outside?
In these peculiar times, both other people and the outside world seem to become one, a phenomenon of curiosity and strangeness for the artist to observe, and portray.
“I”, the artist, the individual, the unique person creating visual representation of something else, sometimes themselves, in a chosen environment.

“The others”, those who are not “I”, sometimes outsiders, always different, often seen as a group. The relationship the artists pertain in the presence, or absence, of the others in his art creates a unique relationship. It is the same with the “outside”, which lately became forbidden, always contemplated, and the way the artist sometimes portrays himself in this external world. Yet, the outside is often emptied of human presence,
distant from humanity except through its visual representation. At a time when one often finds themselves
lost as a person, distant from the group, and separated from the outside, the artist expresses in many ways’ solitude, confinement, community, and wilderness.

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