The Thoughts Are Alive - 3D virtual exhibition by OCAD University's Faculty of Art

The Thoughts Are Alive

Thu, 12/10/2020 to Wed, 03/10/2021

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The Thoughts are Alive is an online exhibition of art from students of the Ontario College of Art and Design University. The work within the exhibit engages with the ideas of Time, Story and Body and how they manifest visually within the practice of drawing. This exhibit reveals the diverse and expansive range of approaches within the drawing umbrella, challenging perceptions of what “drawing” means. The relationship between Time, Story and Body can be understood through these artworks simply as the story of our lives; and how we exist in a linear, time-based world that is ever-changing, and constantly developing.

The virtual age of Covid has accelerated the artistic innovation of the exhibited artists and their work. Some artworks from The Thoughts are Alive have abandoned traditional drawing utensils entirely, like Oliver Ashton has, opting for sewing three-dimensional paper forms onto flat paper supports to engage with the idea of the body, completely reimagining what it means to make a mark. Meanwhile, opting for a traditional medium of charcoal on paper, John Calara showcases innovative work for this exhibition by using drawing as a mode of animating, thoroughly encompassing the conceptual framework while incorporating both traditional mark-making and technological intervention. Throughout this exhibition there is a common theme underlying the works; that theme is innovation. The exhibited artworks show contemporary applications of drawing as an aesthetic mode of inquiry.

The creative, divergent applications of these very human themes are reflective of our current, global environment. One that has superseded every facet of our existence and forced us to reinvent in new digital and technological ways, therefore abandoning traditions we previously understood as the norm. Within this exhibition we can now understand drawing as a form of critical thought and a reflection of the time-based, narrative systems of the body. In a completely virtual format, The Thoughts are Alive is an exhibit showing works of art that engage with these poignant and contemporary frameworks.

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