VIRTUAL ABSTRACTION - 3D virtual exhibition by curated by Czermak & Prokopetz


Wed, 12/16/2020 to Wed, 01/06/2021

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Artist faced many challenges in 2020. Exhibitions and projects got canceled or postponed. The ability of artists to adapt to these new challenges has been crucial.
Within this context, the exhibition “Virtual Abstraction” is both, a response to the currently difficult situation and an expansion of the common exhibition concept. The virtual exhibition space opens new possibilities. It facilitates the participation of artists from different countries and can be visited from practically all around the world.
“VIRTUAL ABSTACTS” presents various artistic positions, wants to show how abstract art happens in different places around the world and may influence one another.

Participating Artists:
Shannon Amey, Karin Czermak, Marisol Evora, Palma Graça Monika Herschberger, Lena Müller, Daniela Prokopetz, Christian Ruckerbauer, Merita Seitz, Barbara Ziselberger


Shannon Amey is a Canadian Abstract Artist currently living in Finland. The artist formally trained at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada, and completed her graduate degree in Creativity at the University of Calgary, Canada. Amey’s immersion and exploration of the places and people she interacts with deeply influence her work which explores notions of identity as it connects to the memory of experiences. Memories are translated into visual abstractions on the canvas.

Austria-based Artist Karin Czermak makes abstract paintings comprised of floating colors and overlapping shapes. Inspired by natural areas she creates atmospheric, expressive and poetic paintings that trace the sounds and dynamics of colors. Karin Czermak studied at the Univeristy of Applied Arts, Vienna at the Master Class for Painting, as well as at the University of Rovaniemi, Finland.

Marisol Evora is an Abstract, and Mixed Media Artist. Her art is usually colorful and textured with multiple layers, scratches and marks. It seeks new forms of expression between established art forms. Marisol’s goal is to produce art that feels interesting to look at, the art that brings energy and colors to the ordinary life.

Portuguese artist Palma Graça has an intrinsic affinity with Art and this was manifested, early on, in her studies and professional choices. Painting has always been an activity that she developed naturally since young age, influenced by her father. She had artistic training in High School, but graduated in History of Art with a Master`s degree in Museum Studies at UNL-FCSH. Her painting is a constant play between painting and collage and has several references, such as poetic landscapes, geometric shapes, and literature.

Monika Herschberger is an Austrian Artist focusing on abstract painting. In her art she explores different techniques and materials. Her gestural abstract works are characterized by movements, shapes, lines and colors. Her work has been shown in several exhibitions in Austria and Germany.

German based artist Lena Müller studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.
Her minimalist work reflects her fascination with nature and scientific phenomena, especially her interest in the micro- and macrocosm. Nature fascinates her in all its facets and through her art she traces the secret that lies in everything, in the very small and the very large. She likes to create abstract or abstracted visual worlds which give her the possibility to develop her own thoughts and ideas during the technical process and ultimately to present these to the viewers of her pictures.

Daniela Prokopetz is based in Austria and Bulgaria. Her work is inspired by billboard tearings and street decollages of Plovdiv, which tell a lot about time and formation.
Her work lies inbetween random and control. The unforeseen is a conscious part of her work, through which she always moves in a kind of tension between random and precision. She studied at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, the University of Art, Linz and the Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna.

Christian Ruckerbauer is based in Austria. He studied at the University of Art, Linz
„So one day, I found myself scrolling through instagram photos and run into a hypnotic canvas: one wave over the other made of brush strokes on brush strokes, color on color.
A canvas, a static support; painting, a technique that creates a fixed image… Yet those waves moved.“ Jessica Martino, Redattrice per Oui Magazine Italia.

Merita Seitz is based in Germany and Croatia. Her paintings are inspired by the beauty of the nature. Flowers play a central theme in her work, which she abstracts in various colorful ways. Since childhood, painting has been her passion, which she has been practicing full-time since 2017

Barbara Ziselberger lives and works in the Washington, DC area. She is drawn to the things that go unnoticed—a weathered sign on a light pole, a fragment of an abandoned painting, a torn cardboard box that carried items, precious or mundane. When these things are incorporated into the work along with paint and ink they are transformed. The narrative has changed through works that are now quirky, beautifully flawed, and hopeful.

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