The Light Within You - 3D virtual exhibition by Heidi Thompson

The Light Within You

Tue, 12/01/2020 to Mon, 03/01/2021

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THE LIGHT WITHIN YOU presents a collection of minimal abstract paintings which altogether create a quiet, contemplative space. Each painting expresses a quality of light that Heidi Thompson believes mirrors the light radiating from within us.

In a world of noise and distractions many of us desperately seek stillness, simplicity and space - a connection with our inner being. This exhibition provides such a place - a quiet refuge where stressful thoughts subside and one can reconnect with one's self. A viewer who experienced the exhibition reflected, “These paintings are amazing. I was enthralled. I just sat there - nobody but my husband and I were there at the time - it was so quiet, they drew me in and I got lost. So beautiful.”

Art critic John Grande writes: "The ultimate feeling these paintings conjure up is akin to sound, or atmospheres with a background radiance. Visually we feel the painter’s controlled actions, but as an event that is not frozen in time as if caught in the parentheses of intention. Instead, the action suggests continual and conscious mutability of the medium with change ever present and this unknown quantity - energy. These paintings have depths and as we observe the microcosmic details close-up we sense a distancing, and close-up could be far away. Ultimately there is no distance, and microcosmic could as readily be macrocosmic."


WhiteHot Magazine

Interview with Marily Torres



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