ENDURANCE AND THE GREAT WHITE SILENCE - 3D virtual exhibition by Atlas Gallery


Tue, 12/08/2020 to Sun, 01/31/2021

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The Antarctic Photographs of Frank Hurley, Herbert Ponting and Captain Scott

The exhibition Endurance and the Great White Silence at Atlas Gallery brings together the most famous and most influential photographs of Antarctica ever taken in superb new platinum-palladium prints.
It is the first time these images by three legendary Antarctic names – Scott, Ponting and Hurley – have
been exhibited together.

At the beginning of the 20th Century a number of expeditions were launched to conquer the South Pole. The most tragic was the Terra Nova expedition led by Captain Scott, accompanied by the photographer Herbert Ponting. During the winter of 1911, Ponting took many photographs of Scott and the other members of the expedition in the Antarctic winter hut at Cape Evans on Ross Island, producing images that speak to us both within and beyond their historical context. At the start of 1911 Captain Scott set out to reach the Pole with a smaller team, famously perishing on their return journey. A set of negatives of mesmerising images of the polar trek were found with Scott's dead body and have been grouped in a breathtaking limited edition platinum book.

A few years later Captain Ernest Shackleton set out for the South accompanied by photographer Frank Hurley. When their ship, the Endurance, sank in the Weddell Sea after being trapped and crushed by sea ice, his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914-1917 turned into one of the greatest survival stories of all time. Documented by the Australian photographer Frank Hurley, it has gone on to inspire historians and the general public for over a century. The approximately two hundred glass plate and celluloid negatives brought back by Hurley from the expedition constitute one of the greatest treasures in the history of human exploration.

The platinum-palladium process is the most stable and aesthetically rewarding of all black and white photographic printing techniques. Produced by coating specially manufactured paper with a light-sensitive emulsion containing platinum and palladium salts, these prints exhibit an expanded tonal range, three-dimensionality, and a uniquely luminous quality. Their permanence makes them the medium of choice for securing photographic archives and legacies far beyond the life of the original negatives.

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