Station - 3D virtual exhibition by Paul Greene


Sun, 09/15/2019 to Thu, 09/15/2022

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Greene’s St Pancras series is a subtle and atmospheric evocation of a famous London landmark and also a paean to the process of travel. The project began just after the refurbishment of St Pancras in 2007 and was completed last year. Dozens of images have been composited/montaged. This technique helps capture not just the soaring physicality of this special place, but also helps to deconstruct the sense of what a journey represents.

All journeys are a combination of the experiential and the recollected—including folk memories and fake memories. Journeys also contain a sense of both temporal and visual fracture and dislocation. The St Pancras series employs montage to describe and contain these conflicts.

In their limited colour palettes, soaring scale, and geometric discontinuities, the series resembles somewhat Piranesi’s Imaginary Prisons sequence of etchings, completed in the 1750s. Both share an interest in ‘imposssible geometries’. Piranesi’s images are based on a combination of contemporary and classical paradigms. Greene uses what is there to honour what is not so readily apparent: the tensions and the hopes and fears and dreams underpinning all the journeys we must make. The point of embarkation, the place of arrival, and the emotional process that threads these two points together, turns St Pancras into a potent metaphor for travel, whether literal or emblematic.

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Paul Greene

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08 Sep 2019 to 30 Dec 2022

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