Mickaël Doucet - Mondes Ephémères - 3D virtual exhibition by marion guggenheim

Mickaël Doucet - Mondes Ephémères

This series of oils on Montval Canson paper is a tribute to Japanese prints from the Hiroshige or Hokusai period.

The idea of this series is to recreate the colorful atmosphere of prints, working around contemporary interiors, in the continuity of my past and future series ...Using the codes of my own palette and those of prints, these new works establish a bridge between our contemporary era and the artistic period of medieval Japan, by visually offering pictorial and poetic links attached to modern interior images of the 21st century.I was particularly and rigorously attached to this constraint of rendering, the warmth of Montval paper and the light of colors, which are unique works and not prints as are prints printed in several copies. Combine different know-how and from distant times to create new works from known visual sensations but ultimately completely new. These works are a continuation of my questions as a painter and of my research on the relationships between past civilizations, whether Western, Eastern or otherwise, and our own contemporary Western civilization.

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12 Dec 2020 to 21 Dec 2020

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