A Winter's Tale - 3D virtual exhibition by Athens Cultural Center

A Winter's Tale

Sat, 12/05/2020 to Sun, 01/17/2021

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Storytelling is as old as humanity itself.

Traditionally, winter has been a time for gathering. Families would come together around the hearth and tell tall tales of fiction and fantasy, utilizing characters that represented the magic, mystery and dangers of the season, often containing illuminating lessons to be gleaned by small ears with curious minds.

With the birth of the industrial revolution, humans’ relationship to the natural world was forever changed and a new dynamic ensued; despite our complete dependence on Earth—the GrandMother who birthed us all—respect and reverence was soon replaced with wantonness and selfish agendas, at direct odds with her will and wellbeing. An eye towards the future resulted in forgotten tales of yesteryear, while histories faded under the dawning of a new day and technology took hold.

As winter settles in this year and the world outside goes into dormancy, we set to harken back to days olde, when a well told tale had the power to ignite imaginations and wonder, and perhaps even, remind us that the GrandMother still reigns above all else.

A Winter's Tale is pleased to present New York's Hudson Valley-based artists Irja Bodén, Jenny Ghetti, Elin Menzies, Danielle Norris, and Christine Pfister, whose selected works explore storytelling through the lens of fairytale and newly constructed narratives, evoking the ageless power of the tale in three-dimensional grandeur.

Curated by Amanda Lees and Annika Vogt

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