Hur Boree 'Grass Fire Water' - 3D virtual exhibition by HelioArt

Hur Boree 'Grass Fire Water'

Tue, 11/03/2020 to Fri, 12/04/2020

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Grass. Fire. Water

The title of the exhibition, Grass Fire Water is a display of the images from; When the green alongside the street becomes empty, where once was dense. A match flamed for a moment to light the birthday candle. Grandmother's body without moisture. All three of them as a similarity in temporariness.

'My Grandmother was like a withered grass when I saw her a few years before she died. While I was massaging her legs, I suddenly reminded me of the moment, that I picked the withered flower from the vase to throw it away. The touch of her legs was the same with the withered flower. Vanitas Paintings, which I always loved, slid by. I wanted to capture the process of the falling of blossoms on an image, as it is likewise the human life. The repetition of painting and erasing has no difference with the thing that we are struggling to live.I wiped the image I drew yesterday out, which was less withered than today, and recorded today on it. Erasing the paintings was a bit regrettable, as it feels like I was vandalising my labours. However, it seems that I wanted something vague. Like the yesterday, our tomorrow is also unclear.'

Hur Boree

Boree Hur born in Seoul, Korea and she works in Seoul. She studied at Seoul National University and had her solo exhibitions 'Armed Breadwinners' at Seum Art Space,Seoul in 2015, Catcher of Mind at Pialux, Seoul in 2014, 'Hide and Seek' at AK Gallery Suwon, Gyeonggi-do in 2013, 'Daily Encounter'at Topohaus, Seoul in 2010, 'Beyond Words'at Gallery Young, Seoul in 2009. and also she had 44 Group exhibitions including 'Design Feisty' at K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong.
In 2016, she won Bank of Korea Young Artist Contest and Seoul Museum of Art Collection.In 2015 she won Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture Arts Support Program, Government Art Bank Collection.
Also she won Hanseong Baekje Art Competition in 2009.

Her artworks are collected at Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul),Government Art Bank (Gyeonggi-do),Bank Of Korea (Seoul),Samchully Group (Gyeonggi-do),Gonjiam Resort (Gyeonggi-do),Young One Corporation (Gyeonggi-do),Ujung Art Center(Seoul),AK Gallery (Gyeonggi-do),Yong Won Golf Club (Gyeongsangnam-do).

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