2020 International Poster Exhibition Hall1 - 3D virtual exhibition by KECD

2020 International Poster Exhibition Hall1

Sat, 12/19/2020 to Sat, 03/13/2021

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Breath is a phenomenon that occurs continuously when inhalation and exhalation pass through an open door without any obstruction. The process is surreal in that we all know it. Today we look back into that opaque appearance with longing.
Breathing - provides us with full energy due to vitality that was transmitted through the whole body with air as breath. Breathing is more than just providing the power to maintain our existence. Thus, breathing is a medium in which our thoughts are designated, and we can create the world by making constant patterns of air.
Perhaps we are not breathing, but breathing has led us.

Our world, filled with the dissonance of encounters of different languages and cultures, is a pattern created by breath. Thanks to you, before we can hear the sound, we can feel the silence first.

These days, when a sound breath is more precious than ever, the exhibition attempts to read the context of breath in the language of visual art. It reflects visual resonances that look into “Breath.”

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