Rebeca Caldéron Pittman - 3D virtual exhibition by Katharine T. Carter & Associates

Rebeca Caldéron Pittman

Sun, 11/01/2020 to Fri, 12/31/2021

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Drawing for Rebeca Calderón Pittman is not just a way of translating form to page, but also
of subsuming herself in the world around her. Her drawings are direct renderings from life; in
Cincinnati, where she has lived for the past twelve years, and in Guatemala, where she grew up.
The descriptive contour lines of her drawings form a kind of tracing of the realm of things – rooms
and furniture, landscapes and plants, electronic devices and cables. Pittman’s interest in life is voracious and inclusive, with everything becoming potential subject matter. The current paintings have
their origins in the Recombinant Drawings from 2011-2012. As their title implies, Calderón Pittman
combined sheets of drawings from different settings to create a sense of life that is perpetually
unfixed and unfinished. The drawings’ radical layering, fragmentation, and displacement plunge
the viewer into a matrix of contradictory temporal and spatial cues. In her on-going series of paintings
begun in 2016, the openness and space itself that are so essential to the drawings have become full
and highly activated with color and physicality.

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