Nordic School of Arts & Health: Artistic Expression for Wellbeing - 3D virtual exhibition by NSAH Gallery

Nordic School of Arts & Health: Artistic Expression for Wellbeing

Sun, 11/01/2020 to Wed, 03/31/2021

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Nordic School of Arts and Health, founded by Jens Larsen and Caecilie Liv Carlsen, is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. NSAH's goal is to create health and wellbeing through arts and culture. Read more at

Curiosity led us to ask the question: how are humans across this diverse planet getting through a shared worldwide pandemic that touches the core of their very state of being?

The answer to this large question may lie, in part, within 'Artistic Expression for Wellbeing': an exhibition curated from 10 international artist's responses to this pressing theme, as present in the world today – for themselves or the country they live in/ represent.

In this collective shared experience were there any similar themes or red threads?

As our audience, you will be the judge.

We hope you are inspired to reflect on how wellbeing shows up for you in daily life at this time in our collective history.

Represented in the show are Denmark, Australia and the United States.

NSAH supporting The Arts and Unesco - Worldwide Education.



Stuart Kusher
Ted Meyer
Amy Galaudet
Tue Bondo Arentoft
James Douglas Cooper
Mads Houmøller Klemmensen
Karen Queller
LK Artist
Isabella Vildenfeldt
Parviz Paygami
Louise Molin

Curated by Australian artist James Douglas Cooper.

Exhibition music by Harlan Hodges.


The NSAH Global Gallery belongs to The Nordic School of Arts and Health.

We work with educators and artists worldwide to reflect, support, represent and present a health perspective and discussion on wellbeing, personal development and life conditions socially and globally.

NSAH is rooted in a Nordic tradition of general education, arts and critical though as the basis for creating healthy people and communities. We have our roots in a Nordic approach to life, believe in trust in people who are not like ourselves, sustainability and responsibility for the common good.

We do not charge any commission for the works in this exhibition, rather 15 percent of all sold works will be donated to UNESCO to support worldwide education – and the rest go straight to the artists.

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