Daria Martinoni: URBAN VERTIGO - 3D virtual exhibition by MYMICROGALLERY VIRTUAL

Daria Martinoni: URBAN VERTIGO

Tue, 04/20/2021 to Sun, 06/27/2021

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MyMicroGallery Virtual is pleased to announce URBAN VERTIGO a 3D solo exhibition by the Swiss photographer Daria Martinoni.
Daria Martinoni uses photography to playfully
de-construct urban spaces, to spatially re-stage urban contexts, and to play with our perception of space and reality.
In simply medical terms, Vertigo can be explained as an irritation of our senses, caused by a conflict of information transmitted from our eyes and inner ear to the brain. Vertigo, however, is not only related to the experience of great height. A range of factors – including movement, speed, and visual stimuli – create vertiginous sensations. Some of us will have experienced such symptoms when, for example, engaged in activities which tend to change or even eliminate our perception of the horizon in relation to our own position in a space.
Vertigo is a notoriously ambiguous notion, oscillating between pleasure and anxiety, and inhabiting both our embodied and imagined worlds. Daria Martinoni was inspired by her childhood nightmares - to be falling from great height into empty space, or to be running through endless corridors without gaining any ground - for this project, she exploited the geometry of the urban environment, and she played with perspectives and angles to create a sense of direction and an impression of depth and width. Daria Martinoni experiments with long shutter speeds and several zoom settings or camera positions in one exposure. This technique creates a moment of irritation, but also conveys a sense of calmness in the chaos, and transfers the scene into a transitional world somewhere between reality and dream. Giving a face to emptiness and silence, this is what Daria Martinoni wants to express with her photographic research, a research that is the result of a desire to investigate reality with always curious eyes.
Daria Martinoni lives and works in Zurich.
This video will be presented in June 2021 in Venice in conjunction with Biennale di Archittettura at Santa Eufemia Gallery.
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