SALON REAL / VIRTUAL: 8# Ingrid Cogne | CAUSER - 3D virtual exhibition by galerie michaela stock


Sat, 05/08/2021 to Wed, 06/16/2021

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8# Salon: Ingrid Cogne | CAUSER
8.05. – 16.06.2021

Saturday, 8th of May, 11 – 19h
Sunday, 9th of May, 15 – 19h
one-by-one, come and go every 15 min

3 one-to-one meetings with Ingrid Cogne will take place in Salon Real.
You are welcome to book one of these private exclusive conversations with Ingrid Cogne by contacting (prices on demand).
Each conversation will lead to the conceptualization of a specific artwork by the artist: a trace of the encounter that will be given to the protagonist who purchased one of the three formats – be it #9, #18, or #45.

In the 8th exhibition of the series Salon Real / Virtual entitled CAUSER, works by French artist and researcher Ingrid Cogne are displayed. Cogne likes to question im/materiality and in/visibility, be it of knowledge or practices as well as their activations, translations, relationalities, and circulations.
Ingrid Cogne uses choreography to create movement and suspension and time, positioning, and displacement in relation to Economy, Knowledge, Work, and Individuals. Her work problematizes the dramaturgy of existing or created situations. With soft provocation for movement in representations and structures, the artist likes to shake and shift perceptions, projections, and perspectives and conceptualizes artworks in the form of sculptural articulated objects in movement, expanded choreographies, artistic researches, and books.
In CAUSER, moving and wording are intertwined and engaged into articulation(s). “Causer” is a French verb that has the double meaning of “being the reason of” or “having an informal talk”. Playing with words and wordings is a central theme within Cogne’s oeuvre. With CAUSER, she embraces the double space of Salon Real/Virtual by exposing a selection of her artworks and offering to the visitors an insight into her current arts-based research called The Dramaturgy of Conversation.

In SALON REAL the visitor encounters the site-specific sculptural object Rond de Jambes. The piece, made of Acrylglas, is nearly invisible and corresponds to the outer edges of the table. The artwork is composed as a site-specific communication tool between the chairs, the round table, the gallery, and the visitors in the real space. In addition, Cogne brings into play the format conversation with a series of one-to-one encounters titled #9, #18, and #45.
SALON VIRTUAL impresses with a minimalistic, colorful room, wherein 3 pieces of the series SETTING—SEATING—SITTING are on display. These artworks retrace Cogne’s process of occupation of a virtual space in between fiction and reality and the dramaturgy of existing and new created situations.

Ingrid Cogne (Mag., M.S., PhD.) is a French artist and researcher based in Vienna. She works as facilitator, dramaturge, and researcher across the fields of choreography, visual arts, sciences, and academia. In 2015, Ingrid Cogne obtained a PhD with the research project Displacement(s) as Method(s)—developed in the contexts of the PhD in practice at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in cotutelle with the Centre d’Étude des Arts Contemporains at the University Lille 3. Cogne articulated her artistic practice into words by using the notions “situation”, “presence”, and “performativity” as filters to unfold her research between body, spoken, and written languages in a matrix composed of 5 methods, 3 practices, and the im/material art piece WORK (2015). The Arts-based research projects initiated by Ingrid Cogne are: The dramaturgy of Conversation (2019-24, Elise Richter PEEK fellowship) and Six Formats (2015-18, FWF, PEEK). Cogne is editor and co-author of the publications Dansbaren—The Mob without Flash (2016) and For and By Six Formats (2018).

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