Iridescent Trees - 3D virtual exhibition by Gemma Ryder

Iridescent Trees

Sat, 10/10/2020 to Sat, 10/31/2020

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The aim of my project was to research and explore my personal passion for trees, light and colour, inspired by my childhood. Trees are a visual emblem for nature, a source of life and wisdom. They evoke a primal sense of wonder and mystery, which has been a popular subject for artists and photographers, but why? Why are we fascinated by their wonder?
For me my fascination began when I was younger and one which has stayed with me ever since. Light helps us to see colour and colour creates depth of tones and atmospheric effects. I am investigating how light and colour affects what we see and feel. Creating a project during a global pandemic has helped me to appreciate my local surroundings and see to trees in a new perspective.
Also creating the project has been an outlet for me to express how I was feeling. I believe, we all need hope and reassurance in such changing time and trees are the perfect representation to symbolise community and strength. Trees can be a subject on their own or within the landscape or even in relationship to urban settings. As living things, they also mirror our character and moods and exist like us as both individuals and in communities. Trees are a part of our past, present and future.

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