The Final Takeover by Françoise Vaal - 3D virtual exhibition by Françoise Vaal

The Final Takeover by Françoise Vaal

Mon, 10/12/2020 to Wed, 03/31/2021

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Nature's universal steps to grow and prosper;
It all starts with Determination and taking a first step. And with perseverance in Rebellion, Seduction, Ambition, Aspiration, Complication, Disruption, Futurization,Opposition, Induration, Improvisation, Abdication, Disposition and Assimilation, the end goal will been reached: Domination of all hurdles in order to thrive. It is The Final Takeover.

Given the chance, nature will take over everything made by man. It might take a while, thousands of years, but in the end even the tallest buildings will crumble. Nature does not hurry. She is patient and very efficient.

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