Moon Dreams - 50th anniversary of the Moon landing - 3D virtual exhibition by Dieter Hanf

Moon Dreams - 50th anniversary of the Moon landing

Sun, 04/28/2019 to Wed, 07/31/2019

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Moon Dreams

There are hundreds of fairy tails and stories from many cultures and countries about and around the Moon. There are so many myths and ideas about the energy and the spirit of the Moon that it will be hard to count them.
Moon Dreams combines some of this topics to an homage to David Bowie as well as to the Moon landing crew of Apollo 11.
Even if there are doubts about the authenticity of the moon landing, this should not be discussed here. Rather, the work revolves around the art figure Major Tom, which David Bowie created for his song Space Oddity, among other things, the fascination and impact of the universe, the ideas about space flight and the future shaping of humanity in space.
Beginning as a reflection on the actual conditions in the universe, Major Tom approaches ever more abstract stereotypes. In his song "Space Oddity," Bowie shows the fascination of Major Tom's space travel and the uniqueness of the experience by deciding not to return to Earth, knowing that he will die soon.
The reflections Major Tom # 1 - # 10 are accompanied by a large-format picture "Moon Dreams", which can be seen in the center of the exhibition. Here realized dreams of John F. Kennedy and NASA come together with those of modern companies that embrace space travel. It remains to be seen whether further expeditions to the moon, to Mars, can be realized in the near future. The problems on our earth surface seem to have even greater priority.

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