ENGKWENTRO 2020 "The Pandemik Resbak" - 3D virtual exhibition by Sining Labuyo Art Immersion presents

ENGKWENTRO 2020 "The Pandemik Resbak"

An Online Exhibition
Of More Than 100 Artists
In Different Regions
Of The Philippines

For inquiries, pls contact Mel Araneta:


Thank you.


ENGKWENTRO is Filipino for Encounter which means to come together or come upon. We are an Art Collective coming from different parts of The Philippines that promotes camaraderie, creativity, love, peace, and nationalism by showing our individual practice and discipline.

Sining Labuyo Art Immersion and Retreat House under the wings of Art For Space is beautifully located in Brgy. San Cristobal, San Pablo City, Laguna Province. It's a great place for nature lovers, thinkers, and most especially artists! It is where anyone can comfortably do a discourse, exchange ideas, and just be absolutely productive within the range of the mountains.

"The Pandemik Resbak" concept is to seed the thought that we are all equal with the struggle during this crisis, but collective faith together with sheer determination and passion, we would thrive!

We are inviting everyone to stay tuned on our opening on September 21, Monday, 6pm at our page to witness the works of 120 established and emerging artists and the rising stars of Philippine Art.


~ Jet Rai, ArtExpands

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