UNSAID - 3D virtual exhibition by R Gallery


Thu, 09/10/2020 to Thu, 09/17/2020

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Art, in its free form, conveys a lot of messages. It holds various emotions,
memories, and expressions that the work itself and its artist share.
It may be unforgettable or unimaginable. It can be an anecdote or memoir
in the form of lines, shapes, and colors. Thus, the image painted in a canvas
is an ideal story in the absence of words.

Modern artists nowadays are using art as a medium to relay a message
of positivity and inspiration to people. The predicament we are experiencing
during this pandemic resulted in hopelessness, leaving humanity in great
despair. We have these unsung heroes such as frontliners to help,
but some chose to use their brushes and canvas to draw a path that leads
to encouragement. They have found their motivation in life through creativity.

Filipino contemporary artists, Renee Avila and Knell Valdecañas, both believe
in the power of art to comfort and heal. Their artworks project emotions
and feelings that are too overwhelming. They want long-forgotten
good memories to be remembered, the untold wisdom of raging passion
to be heard, and the inner thoughts to be disclosed. It is through
the combination of silence and art that the unspoken words are distinct
and resounding.

Renee Avila's artistry revolves around the concept of a sense of safety
or emotional security-- exposing the unheard emotional side of humans.

"During childhood, we have a natural feeling of being safe, being carefree.
As we grow up and go through more experiences, usually fear and other
negative emotions overtake. My goal for my works is to bring

Valdecañas believes that breaking what has been hidden and marking
what is yet to be unraveled serves a celebratory experience.

"Eluding the uniformity of quietude of words for neutral colours,
I have put strokes of paint into canvasses and attempted to share what I feel
through my artworks." He said.

Avila and Valdecañas' upcoming exhibition on September 10 will show
how compelling art can be. Revealing memories and emotions that are
difficult to find words for, and yet, they still become emphatic.

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