Emotion & Color - 3D virtual exhibition by KRYSTEL ANN ART

Emotion & Color

Thu, 09/10/2020 to Fri, 10/30/2020

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Luis Levy Lima is an up coming contemporary figurative artist. After a brillant career in graphic design, the Cap-Verdean artist – who comes from a family of prolific artists – felt a need to express himself through canvas. His acrylic paintings subtly portray the emotions of his subjects.

The subject of “emotion and color” can be depicted on either human portraits or wild African animals. Each canvas carries a piece of the artist’s emotional and cultural background. Luis’ work is a constant dance between his personal life experiences and the lessons he has learned through others. Music, Cape Verdean traditions and gender equalities are among his primary sources of inspiration. His unique cultural background and state of mind are key in his creation process; leading to the unification of vivid colors and energetic strokes which give an insight into his avid creativity.

His animal paintings, like in African tale stories, are metaphors for human relationships. Luis’ painting Caetano, is a self-portrait that uses the lion as a parallel. Lions are double-sided figures; strong and beautiful animals yet they cannot rule without their lioness. In a similar manner, Luis’ strong appearances are due to the women in his life, and without them he would have a frail and incomplete personality. The artist addresses cliché and taboo subjects, while highlighting his praise for women leadership and family life. To fully assess each artwork the viewer should pay equal attention to the painting and its title.

Our gallery is proud to present this Cap-Verdean artist with a modern and empathetic mindset. Luis Levy Vilma, allows us to re-connect with our African origins. Likewise, to how Madonna brought the Batuka to light, Luis Levy Vilma elevates his origins in our modern society offering us canvas’ full of life and transcendent spiritual emotions.

- Chrystelle Merabli-Tharsis / Krystel Ann Art

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