Depth of Field: Exploring Minds, Hearts & Voice - 3D virtual exhibition by Steve Wise

Depth of Field: Exploring Minds, Hearts & Voice

Fri, 01/01/2021 to Thu, 06/30/2022

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Depth of Field is a growing body of Health Humanities research that uses art (photography, MRI and fine art, music, literature and patient narratives) for widespread use in health professions education. Depth of Field: Exploring Minds, Hearts & Voice consists of a series of powerful visual narratives co-produced with 6 WA mental health consumers and their family members as they recount the honest and raw reality of what life is really like living and recovering from mental health issues.
These visual narratives will be used in a strength based, consumer driven reflective learning resource that honours and legitimises consumers as experts of their own lives and recovery experiences. The resource aims to stimulate a multitude of learning opportunities that are embodied in different, innovative teaching methodologies (photo-elicitation, role play, verbatim theatre, mind maps, visual thinking strategies and reflective questioning prompts) to surface unconscious stigma, inspire questioning and in-depth discussions and teach current and future healthcare professionals to listen for stories of strength and possibility. Integrating co-produced resources into health workforce education has the potential to challenge and transform traditional, hierarchical health care relationships and refocus our lens to holistic, recovery centred models of mental health care.

Project Team:
Assoc Professor Gabrielle Brand
Assoc Professor Christopher Etherton-Beer
Professor Rhonda Clifford
Liza Seubert
Mrs Carli Sheers
Steve Wise (Photographer)

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