30th Annual All Florida Juried Arts Show | All Florida Artists in All Media - 3D virtual exhibition by The Arts Council of Martin County

30th Annual All Florida Juried Arts Show | All Florida Artists in All Media

Tue, 10/13/2020 to Sat, 12/12/2020

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A 30-year legacy exhibition showcasing recent art by all Florida artists in all media. Exhibited works span the mediums of watercolor, ceramics, acrylic, oil, photography, clay, encaustic, wood, metal, glass, and serigraph from 54 artists from Tallahassee to Miami.

Laird * Miles Batt 2 * Michaelann Bellerjeau * Simon Berson * Rosario Bond * Megan Castellon * Anda Chance * Shelly Cox-Vandermeulen * Liliana Crespi * Stephanie Cunningham * Molly Curry * Carolyn Davis * Diana Rell Dean * Gianna Dibartolomeo * Michelle Drummond * Christian Feneck * Daniel Fiorda * Torenzo Gann * Bonney Goldstein * Daniel Gorostiaga * Jada Grantlin * John Guiseppi * Jay Hatfield * Gail Higginbotham * Robert Hoekstra * Rick Hurst * Luke Jenkins * Colleen Kastner * Vyd Keryx * Alice Laputka * Marilee Lee * Ellen Lindner * Barbara Lyons * Susan Maas * Patricia Maguire * Gail Mccarthy * Beatrice Mcclelland * Rick Myers Anne Orvieto * Cleveland Page * Chad Periman * Perlie Petrillo * Rhianna Pohlhammer * Diane Powers-Harris * Suzanne Redmond * Linda Reymore * Marcella Rutledge * Claudia Scalise * Rita Shapiro * Norman Silva * Suzanne Spahn * Yelena Sugralinova * Harris Wiltsher * Fredric Witkin

Saturday, October 17th at 5pm on Facebook:

Saturday, October 17th | 3PM
Juror Lisa Rockford will present a lecture on the a recent trend in Contemporary art-the symbolic use of “camouflage.” As Camouflage has been used for self-protection by manipulating and disguising materials, patterns, and coloration for concealment, these artists have similarly created complex compositions with contradictory combinations and plays of figure and ground. Figures or text may at first be overlooked amongst visually overwhelming environments yet assert their survival amongst adverse environments or oppressive influences. Through photography, fiber art, collage, and assemblage, their unique voices personify those who have been marginalized, or have faced being “othered,” whether by race, gender, or societal non-conformity.

Meet the Juror: Lisa Rockford, founder of Rockford Projects, is an independent curator, artist, and educator. As a passionate avid arts advocate, she has organized multi-disciplinary exhibitions, public lectures, artist workshops, and interactive experiences, all designed to be accessible to a broad audience, spark dialogue, and act as a catalyst for cultural exchange. Click here to learn more about the juror.

Tuesday, November 17th | 6pm

Thursday, December 3rd | 5:30-7pm

*Events subject to change due to current COVID-19 safety guidelines and may have limited in person availability.
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