Decadent Liaisons: Floral Abstractions - 3D virtual exhibition by Gallery 44

Decadent Liaisons: Floral Abstractions

Sat, 08/29/2020 to Sat, 10/10/2020

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“Decadent Liaisons: Floral Abstractions” is an intricate blend of floral and abstracted works by contemporary artists Fabienne Monestier (France) and Karin Goeppert (Germany).

Inspired by the light that gives strength to the colours of nature, Fabienne explores the limitations and possibilities of her medium and technique. Her style is free and gestural, with a lot of spontaneity. Karin's work fluctuates between somewhat Utopian and abstract perceptions. She endeavours to show nature in all of its beauty but does also not shy away from its more destructive side.

Enjoy the decadent liaison between the artists' cultures and lose yourself in the energy and rich palettes of their work.

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