Joseph Abbati Galleries - 3D virtual exhibition by JOSEPH ABBATI

Joseph Abbati Galleries

Sat, 08/22/2020 to Thu, 10/22/2020

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These galleries present the work of Joseph Abbati from 2018-2020. There are three series of works on view here.

“Queeries” is Joseph Abbati’s study on the masculine figure from a queer point of view. Masculinity is a social construct, not a gender. Its definition has a different context in the queer community from the prevailing heteronormative canon. The paintings reveal queer masculine forms depicting their identity, kink, and beauty.

The “Artspeak” series is about the observation of art manifested by the syntax or prose that are used to define art. The descriptions in these paintings are culled from art reviews, press releases, and biographies he has collected.  “Art speak” has become an elite vernacular in the art world that creates an abstract language to distance themselves from critique themselves.
By placing these “artspeak” descriptions on top of the painting, it forces the viewer to engage with these narratives and the painted background. The viewer is seduced into making the same narrative for themselves but on revelation they become a reflection of what the art world holds in regard.

The subject for the "Linemen"paintings were inspired by Instagram influencers. The loopy-lined figures of young male posers represent the swag, attitude, and stance of these would-be influencers. Seen here, they become an artistic expression of social media’s obsession with self. The graphic quality of the images references Joseph’s history and experience working in graphic design.

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