Momentary Spaces - 3D virtual exhibition by Unbound Visual Arts

Momentary Spaces

Thu, 09/03/2020 to Fri, 10/30/2020

curated by:

Momentary Spaces

Organized & presented by Unbound Visual Art in UVA's Virtual Gallery

Opening September 3 - October 30, 2020

An exhibit featuring the artwork of four 2020 Summer volunteers with Unbound Visual Arts.

Artists:  Sofija Chroneos, Rachel Hargreaves, Julia Marcantonio, Cynthia Bryndis Schilling   

Exhibition Coordinators: John Quatrale and Sequoya Molzan

Sofija Chroneos is an MA candidate in Art Education at the Boston University College of Fine Arts, and completed a BFA in Sculpture from BU. “Layering reused materials through space has been the focus of my work. I am continually searching for materials, whether found or re-purposed, to use with limited regard to their utilitarian value. This process disrupts their origin but establishes a new place they can exist. At the same time, I do not disguise their physical qualities: a box remains a box; a piece of cloth remains a piece of cloth.”

Rachel Hargreaves studied art and education at American University and now teaches at a DC Public middle school. “Walk among the classical, architectural giants of a city while gazing at the graffiti lining the street. How do we classify the new art of the people and the designs of the old institution? Read through the everyday terrors as your eye fixes on the bold headlines. But do you see the colors and faces hidden in the photograph? All of these works grapple with questions of aesthetic and art’s place in politics, architecture, and tragedy.”

Julia Marcantonio is a rising senior at Brown University in Providence, majoring in Modern Culture and Media. “The digital photographs shown in this exhibition were taken while I was studying in Greece. Working in both color and black and white, I am interested in experimenting with texture, flatness/depth, and attention to negative space. I am drawn to puzzling images and enjoy taking an instinctive and unplanned approach to capturing photographs.”

Cynthia Bryndis Schilling is an MFA candidate in graphic design at UMass Dartmouth, and holds a BM in piano performance from UMass Amherst. “As a pianist and artist, I am inspired by music’s aesthetic and structural qualities. Music is imbued with stunningly beautiful emotion and expressivity, and I aim to capture that through color, form, depth, texture, and abstraction in my art and design work.”

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