Black Case Archive presents... - 3D virtual exhibition by Lesley Turnbull

Black Case Archive presents...

Wed, 08/12/2020 to Thu, 08/12/2021

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Black Case Archive presents explores the articulation and erasure of narratives of identity as the tomboy journeys through adolescence toward an emerging sexual awareness to become an adult lesbian. It tells the stories of a working-class tomboy from Leith in Edinburgh growing up during the 1980s and 1990s in the context of Margaret Thatcher’s UK.

Black Case Archive is an installation of photographs mostly developed through the artist's personal archives of black and white film negatives, taken over the years in Scotland. Images are scanned without the use of white gloves [special gloves worn by archivists to protect film negatives against scratches or blemishes] as a gestural refusal to adhere by the precious aura surrounding historical cultural archives.

Using bare fingers, the artist randomly and unsystematically cuts the negatives up into strips of three, sandwiches them together and feeds them through a scanning machine. These raw, punkesque, hands-on methods set out to redress ignored and excluded histories of queer female lesbians, and through an autobiographical lens, moves across time and place, to create images and text based narratives, that celebrate the existence and experiences of tomboy-lesbians within border cultural contexts.

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